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My name is Lance Aytman

I am the Chief Pilot and owner or Reign-Aviation. My aviation career began in August of 2018 and by September of 2019 I had obtained my private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial ASEL & AMEL, CFI and CFII certificates. I received my ATP rating by February of 2023 and currently am an airline pilot. I enjoy teaching and aspire to become a DPE one day. Until then, I look forward to meeting new students and assisting them on their journey in aviation.

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About Reign Aviation

It all started when Lance Aytman was introduced to aviation in 2016. He took his first commercial flight and was in complete awe of how beautiful the world looked at altitude. His first recap to his soon to be wife was if he could fly to work he definitely would. Her reply was 'maybe you'd enjoy being a pilot'. He had never thought he could fly a plane before but decided to give it a shot. One short year later Lance became a CFII and began his career in aviation instructing aspiring pilots from all walks of life. It wasn’t long before business cards, a website and an LLC were made and Reign Aviation was born.

Founded in late 2021 and based in Fresno CA, our flight club Reign Aviation is a devoted community made up of enthusiastic individuals who share the passion of flying. From becoming a private pilot to progressing all the way to becoming a CFII, we'd love to assist you on your journey in aviation. You’re welcome to browse our site to learn more, and if what we’re doing resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Chris Canfield, CA

“Learning how to fly with Lance is a great experience. He gives precise and clear instruction that boosted my confidence in flying."

Joshua Burdine, CA

"Flying lessons can be an exciting and scary time for a student. Lance has a great approach to teaching and the skills needed in the plane and ground work materials to make a comfortable and confident pilot. I will continue to recommend him to anyone wanting to become a pilot."

Prahbdeep Kaur, CA

“I had a great experience learning with Lance. He does an awesome job teaching both ground school and flight training. His teaching was customized to meet my needs and I was able to improve on my weak points very quickly.”

Reign-Aviation is Proudly Partnered with

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